My Clay Challenge to Learn, Explore, and Grow

Last year really proved that time is relevant. Why did it feel slow waiting for things to change yet at the same time flew by? I decided the year just lacked depth of experience for me. I haven’t been working in clay long so having the art institute where I took classes closed I felt a loss of focus. Yet some time off from work freed time to develop my skills. It pushed me to work on a home studio and I saw improvement.

To get back on track this year, I’ve decided to take the Pottery Making Illustrated magazines from 2020 in order, choose a project from each and delve in. I want to challenge my skill set (easily done at this point), try something new I am drawn to , and add my own flavor. Also, to take a piece of last year back.

The first from the Jan/Feb issue that inspired me was exploring the Tulipiere by Andrea Denniston. I don’t know where I’ve been but I was not familiar with tulip vases. I like tulips and even grow them but I’m more drawn to wildflowers so I wanted to change the openings to accommodate them. It definitely was a challenge for me to not only get a good shape but to join the base and neck. Took three tries. I also used Laguna B-Mix 5 and decided the color based on my daughter’s upcoming wedding colors. I used three coats inside and out of Amaco celadon glacier and then two coats off toasted sage on top.

If I don’t compare, I don’t hate it and can see that the practice has paid off. Perusing the March/April issue now. So looking forward to Spring it just be again flower related.