I was just thinking..

My sister received a text she thought wasn’t intended for her.  I told her to send back the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ emoji.

“I don’t think I have those,” she replied.

“Do you have a smiley by your message?” I asked. “Tap on it.”

“Wow!” she texted. “You just opened up a whole new world for me.”

“You learn something new everyday,” I said.

But that got me thinking. Do we?  As we age what changes? When do we start believing that we’re too old to try something new. What makes something unworthy of our time? What makes us have questions but no longer pursue answers, lose our curiosity, or just quit playing?  If it doesn’t make money or if we don’t feel we have enough time to become accomplished, is it not worth the effort?  When did measured results become more important than the journey itself?

I think the answer to that is as individual as we are.  I see clients of all ages but those who are doing the best in advanced age are those who are still curious, still interested, and pursuing new activities.  It’s the 86 year old who is teaching himself to read music to improve his harmonica performances and the disabled middle-age woman who is using this recovery time to learn bridge and is now going to a tournament.  It is the woman in her late 70’s building a new home, continuing to garden and pursue new healthy eating trends, and sharing wonderful recipes with me.  It’s the 70 and 80 somethings attending yoga classes for the first time and enjoying the benefits.

As I encourage and give advice to others I do try to live what I speak so it got me thinking.  Why am I not pursuing more of my interests?  Why are some activities less time worthy than others in my life?  So I make this quiet resolve to seek the answer to my questions, actively learn something new, pursue my interests, and hopefully become a more interesting person in the process because I was just thinking…







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